Katie Jackson Mountain Biking Dallas TX

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Katie Jackson is a great little trail if you live in the North Dallas area.  While it is not one of the premier trails in DFW it is a relatively new trail with some really fun features, and very good flow.  This hidden gem is slowly gaining popularity with local riders.  There are plans in the works to continue to add more features.  The best part of the trail is a downhill section that starts on the top of a dirt retaining wall and runs the length of the fall line.  There are a couple small rollers, and other trails that you can take off of the this downhill.  At the time of this post the trail is not marked very well, but part of the fun of this trail is how raw it really is.  One day this place will have tons of traffic like most of the trails in Dallas.  But right now you feel it is your own personal trail.

4 miles



Technical Difficulty


Fun Rating


For updated trail information and conditions visit:

DORBA – Katie Jackson Trail

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