Frisco NW Community Trail | Frisco, Texas

Frisco NW Community Trail is an easier trail that every skill level will have a blast riding.  The Ranger Trail (Blue) is the main loop that all the other Trails branch off.  The trail system is very easy to follow, and very well marked. Ranger Trail is very fast with multiple down hill sections, and very few obstacles. The first turn off is for Wolverine Loop (Orange). Wolverine is very beginner trail with easier obstacles for all skill levels. Coyote Loop (Yellow) is more of the same as the Wolverine Loop. Redhawk Loop is probably the most difficult trail, but very doable by most skill levels. Redhawk has a couple very steep fast downhill lines. DORBA did a great job designing, and maintaining a great trail system. I usually ride several laps, and only ride Ranger and Redhawk. Wolverine and Coyote are very well designed, but I prefer to spend my time lapping the other 2 trails.

Total Mileage is 7 miles and about 550 feet of climbing, broken into the following loops.

Ranger – 2.5 miles

Wolverine – 1.1 miles

Coyote – 2 miles

Redhawk – 1.5

NW Frisco Community Trail Map:


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