Easy Truck Bed Bike Rack

I have a Specialized Stumpjumper with a 20mm Maxle  through axle on the front fork.  This is a very handy system for my bike, but it has been a real pain finding a bike rack for my Specialized.  After visiting a few shops I have come to realize the cheapest option was to get a standard truck bed bike rack (www.thule.com), and then add an adapter to it.  This was great that I had finally found an option, but after spending between $85-$140 I would only be able to haul around one bike still.

Truck Bed Bike Rack $25-$80


20mm Maxle Through-Axle Adapter $30-$60



Total : $85-$140

Then I spoke with my mechanic, and he suggested doing what downhill riders do to run their bikes up and down the mountain. Throw a pad over the tailgate, and put my front tire over the tailgate.  So I strapped down the pad with a couple pull straps, and then strapped down my bike, and there you go.  A quick and easy fix for less than $20.  And now I can haul around 2 bikes with ease.

Total : $20


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