Cedar Hill State Park Mountain Bike Trail


Cedar Hill State Park is a really fun trail.  This trail is not very technical or difficult, but it is a lot of fun.  The climbs are relatively short compared to the climbs at something like Big Cedar.  And the downhill sections are relatively shorter as well.  However, they have done a good job creating good flow through the hills.  Not a whole lot of narrow trees or hair pin turns, but some.

There are 3 loops roughly 12 miles combined.

3 miles

8 miles

12 miles

The 3 miles trail has the best terrain of the entire trail.  Sometimes we go out and lap the 3 mile trail a few times, and not even ride the longer ones.  The entire trail is fun, and definitely worth riding.

For up to date trail conditions and information visit:

Cedar Hill State Park – DORBA

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